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Mission Statement

The Women in the Physical Sciences Committee has been formed to develop and implement strategies to enhance the representation and advancement of women at the graduate, postdoctoral and faculty levels. Our vision is a division where all faculty, academic staff and graduate students find a thriving, supportive intellectual community that is committed to help each member realize his or her full career potential. As a division focused on scholarly excellence, our objectives include the implementation of creative and tailored strategies that will accomplish the following goals:

1. To strengthen within our culture those values and procedures that support equality of opportunity and honor diversity of opinion in the pursuit of knowledge

2. To develop targeted mentoring, training, climate interventions and support mechanisms to encourage all physical sciences faculty, academic staff and graduate students to attain their full career potential.

3. To develop recruitment and retention strategies that will enhance the representation of women and minorities in all academic ranks in the PSD.

4. To expand our efforts to identify women and minorities with leadership potential and provide them with opportunities to participate in governance within the division and the wider University.

This website has been developed to provide information on university groups, activities and seminars that highlight the accomplishments of women in the physical sciences, encourage networking among women across physical science departments and University of Chicago alumni, as well as to encourage men and women to utilize the wealth of resources available to them on campus, regionally, and nationwide to promote their career development.

Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the Committee, to discuss these initiatives and issues. Please also feel free to forward any comments or ideas you may have for improvements to the site to us.

Edward (Rocky) Kolb
Dean, Physical Sciences Division

ATLAS Detector

Used in High Energy Physics experiments to study proton-proton collisions.

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Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

Henry Moore’s statue Nuclear Energy, with the Regenstein Library and Max Palevsky residence hall in background.

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Starry Sky

The night sky seems to hold an infinite amount of stars. Astronomy and Astrophysics

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